88 Nice Camper Van Interior Design Ideas

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2 of 88

If you ever thought that a set of wheels was just to get from one place to another and for the daily commute, then you could not be farther from the truth. Luxury recreational vehicles (RVs) are as lavish and comfortable as most modern homes and in fact, they could really show up some of the so called ‘luxury homes’ that are out in the market today.

A look at some of these astounding marvels on wheels will leave you wondering if it would be a better idea to hit the road on one of these instead of spending all that dough on your tiny little studio apartment! A comfortable RV is a must; great storage, comfortable spot for sleeping, toilet, mini kitchen – so consider the best for it. There are so many storage options that help you with the clutter and much stuff that you bring.

To help you with the interior decoration, see 85 ideas below for your inspiration.

image source : pinterest.com